My name is Irma although my family calls me “Born to Shop”.  The business was to be called Irma’s because research experts advised me that I am the face of the company.  However, I came to a decision to call it Bijos as this was a fitting tribute to my late mom and dad’s names, Bill and Josie.  They, after all, gave me a wonderful education and, as I now see, an idyllic childhood.

Bijos started as a way to assist people who have limited time to shop for various items that are not freely available in one place.  Many artists and crafters produce unique items but do not have a shop to display their wares and rely on markets and word of mouth to make those all important sales.

Just like our performers in South Africa who need to be able to act, sing and dance to be competitive, so do our artists, sculptors, jewellers, etc.  I am amazed at the talent and versatility of the people who create items for this site.  We need to promote the talent that we have in South Africa and not always assume that ours is not the best.

Working  in the corporate world for 32 years makes it  difficult to get unusual gifts for family and friends in the time available.  Finding  one unusual gift was the norm and relied on the usual standbys for the rest. By  talking to people everywhere found that most found that they felt the same way.

A common theme was that wherever you go, you see the same things.  We are creating a place to shop for varied items made and sold by people living in South Africa.  The exciting part is that the more artists and creators I meet, the more unique products are being added to our site.

We are building a family of artistic entrepreneurs and crafters.  Anyone interested in joining our family can contact me on

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