By following a few simple rules you can keep your jewellery looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

  1. Store your jewellery in its gift box to avoid scratching away from heat and sunlight. Remember that gift boxes are not long term solutions so you will need to replace them.
  2. Always remove your jewellery when washing your hands or applying perfume and make-up.
  3. Never spray perfume on top of jewellery, especially pearls.
  4. Your jewellery can be damaged by abrasive liquids, so put them on last.
  5. Do not swim, shower or bath with your jewellery on.
  6. Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.
  7. To keep jewellery clean, rinse in warm water and dry gently with a lint-free cloth. Most jewellery items can be cleaned this way.
  8. Rhodium plated jewellery must be replated annually.
    For cleaning services of all jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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