Infinity Sign with Leaf Chain Necklace


The Infinity Sign or the Lemniscate, which means “ribbon.” It was introduced during the 17th century by John Wallis, an English mathematician, who created the symbol to represent the idea of infinity – a sum that is larger than any number that can ever be created. It symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love.

Leaves depict hope, renewal and revival. They are symbolic of fertility and growth. A symbol of nature that celebrates change, an achievement, a belief or a dream. They can also be a symbol of inner confidence, giving, nurturing, determination, strength and stability.  

Handcrafted stainless steel 50cm necklace.

Stainless Steel Chain, Stainless Steel Locks and Rings, Metal Alloy Charms.

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Weight 10 g

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